Meet Kaley, most of you may already know her as she has been a staple at BDI for over 7 years. She first started out in our tel-sell department and has grown that role and transitioned into a marketing coordinator. If someone doesn’t know where to find it, they ask Kaley because she’s always willing to help the team out. Kaley says she loves working at BDI because of her co-workers, they always keep work fun and exciting. She also enjoys the fact that BDI is always changing and always evolving in a positive direction. When out on the town Kaley loves to enjoy an ice cold White Claw but lately she’s been enjoying Liquid Death and the new flavors since she’s expecting her first baby any day now. In her spare time, Kaley enjoys events around Cleveland, visiting new restaurants, game nights with friend and family and spending time with her 3 rescue pups and her husband, Tom.

Thanks for all you do Kaley!

Mike Conway


Beverage Distributors was very fortunate this holiday season to have a very successful giving tree. As a company we were able to do the following:

  • Adopt a family from the Cleveland DCFS and provide them with Christmas gifts
  • Make a donation of gloves, hats and socks to the West Side Catholic Center
  • Make a large donation of everyday items and non-perishable food to the Hope Lodge of Greater Cleveland
  • Make a large donation of everyday items, children’s toys and activities to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland


What is Beverage Distributors doing to combat COVID-19 with our employees & retailers- UPDATE

The CDC and Health Department of Ohio have given us great guidance as to help our employees and retailers. Below are just a few ways we are implementing at BDI.

  • Social Distancing throughout the entire plant
  • Limiting hours open to the public. Mon-Fri 9am- 3:30 pm
  • All drivers, sales reps have received medical disposable gloves, masks (both disposable & washable/reusable), hand sanitizer and wipes. These are to be used after each individual stop
  • Everyone is frequently reminded to stock up on these products when at our warehouse
  • Our employees are out early in the mornings before peak shopping time as much as possible and out of the accounts before peak shopping times.
  • Our front office employees and daily in house sales employees are currently working on a rotating schedule to help keep exposure levels low
  • BDI has implemented a new cleaning company throughout our plant
  • BDI has offered all employees a chance to have their personal vehicles cleaned out by the Emergency Clean Team LLC. BDI also had all of our equipment/vans/fleet cleaned as well.
  • Doing our best to adhere to ever changing policies & procedures handed down to us by our chain accounts.



Brew Kettle’s Newest Seasonal


A dark and decadent American Porter. Rich notes of velvety roasted coffee, dark cocoa and roasted ‘Ohio Grown’ malts make this traditionally brewed beer exquisitely balanced and unique while maintaining drinkable familiarity. 6% ABV

PTR $35.18
SSP $10.99

Make sure to check out our website for updates and a complete list of what we carry!

We wanted to be able to have all the information you need in one great place. It is complete and ready for you. Check us out and feel free to give us any feedback. We will also have a customer portal coming soon in which our customers will be able to check their past invoices, place orders (if they would like) and more!

You can also access FINTECH (automatic transfer of funds) registration on here as well. Make your business more safe by eliminating cash transfer of hands. Click below to fill out the form.


Truly Margarita Variety 12pk

New Truly Margarita-Style Hard Seltzer offers bold margarita-inspired flavors paired with the refreshment of hard seltzer. These hard seltzers are made with real lime juice, Mexican Agave and sea salt to deliver a unique mix of sweet, sour, salty and refreshing flavor in each sip

4 MARGARITA-INSPIRED FLAVORS: Classic Lime, Strawberry Hibiscus, Watermelon Cucumber, Mango Chili

5.3% ABV
110 calories
1gb sugar
3gb carbs
Gluten Free

Available in Variety 12pks- $16.99


Liquid Death Flavors

Flavors like only Liquid Death could do. Made with agave nectar, sparkling mountain water, and only 3 grams of sugar it has 10x more electrolytes than Lacroix or Bubly.

3 Liquid Death Themed Flavors
Mango Chainsaw, Berry It Alive, and Severed Lime

Case Cost–$14.40