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August is a great transition month in northeast Ohio. The month starts with Summer beers, pools, vacations, and hot weather. By the end of August we transition to pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests, kids going back to school, firepits, and cooler temperatures. Get outside and enjoy the last of Summer, as we roll into Fall, football, and more fun!

Mike Conway

Beverage Distributors is slated to participate in the walk for ZERO CANCER, which is August 28th. This is to help fight Prostate cancer. More details to come. Team BDI has already raised over $1300 for the event!

Visit the walk website here!

What is Beverage Distributors doing to combat COVID-19 with our employees & retailers- UPDATE

Beverage Distributors is hosting a vaccination clinic for our employees on Friday, August 13th at BDI. We have over 20 people signed up for this clinic and we are on our way to being close to 70% vaccinated as a company!

  • The CDC and Health Department of Ohio have given us great guidance as to help our employees and retailers. Below are just a few ways we are implementing at BDI.
  • Social Distancing throughout the entire plant
  • Limiting office hours open to the public. Mon-Fri 9am- 3:30 pm
  • All drivers, sales reps have received medical disposable gloves, masks (both disposable & washable/reusable), hand sanitizer and wipes. These are to be used after each individual stop.
  • Everyone is frequently reminded to stock up on these products when at our warehouse
  • Our employees are out early in the mornings before peak shopping time as much as possible and out of the accounts before peak shopping times.
  •  We have staggered the times the sales reps are in the building to pick up POS to ensure no congregation for their safety
  •  Our front office employees and daily in house sales employees are currently working on a rotating schedule to help keep exposure levels low
  • BDI has implemented a new cleaning company throughout our plant
  • BDI has purchased our own machine to sanitize our offices and equipment daily
  • BDI has upgraded our HVAC system to ensure solid air flow and clean air flow throughout the plant.
  • BDI has offered all employees a chance to have their personal vehicles cleaned out by the Emergency Clean Team LLC. BDI also had all of our equipment/vans/fleet cleaned as well
  • Doing our best to adhere to ever changing policies & procedures handed down to us by our chain accounts and our independent accounts

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Imperial Pumpkin Ale – 9%ABV
World Beer Cup Bronze Medal Winner 2018! Brewed with 10 pounds of pumpkin per barrel. Orange-brown color with the nose of pumpkin pie, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Spice flavors finish with a slightly malty sweetness and an alcohol warmth on your pallet.

4PK 12oz
PTR $52.78
SSP $10.99

1/6 $95
1/2 $215

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Dogfish Punkin Ale

DFH Punkin Ale is a full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. Brewed with real pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices, Punkin Ale made its debut in 1995 and Dogfish Head has been brewing it every year since! As the season cools, this is the perfect beer to warm up with.

Available August- October
7% ABV
28 IBU’s
Packages Available
1/6bbl, 1/2bbl, 6nr ($14.99)



“zenWTR® is the only beverage in the world made from 100% recycled, Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic and is dedicated to rescuing 50 million pounds of plastic by 2025. Together, let’s rescue our oceans and protect the world for future generations. Vapor distilled and +9.5pH alkaline water.”

700ml–PTR $14.40–SRP $1.79
1L–PTR $16.00–SRP $1.99
1.5L–PTR $21.00–SRP $2.69