Conway, Mike

Beverage Distributors Inc. (BDI)

Education: Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.; Case Western Reserve University, master’s in business administration
First Job: Working on the trucks at Beverage Distributors while I was in high school
Toughest Challenge: Traversing my company through COVID-19. We have built a friendly and family-like culture at BDI.
During COVID-19, we have all come to work every day physically as essential workers and worked hard. However, we also have tried to keep people separate more and keep people safe, which is difficult when we have
become so close.
How I Motivate Others: By being a part of everything. I work with every part of our company (sales, warehouse, drivers and administration) and help everyone.
Best Advice: Be a part of your team. Upper management can tend to have a lot of high-level items on their plate all the time. Take time away from the big picture to get dirty and help the rest of your team.
Most Important Skill: Empathy


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